Friday, January 30, 2015

2015 has got to be a better year!

Sometimes I feel like a lone deer.
It's been a long 3 years that have been so hard.
The start of this year filled me with hope again.

I don't know if I'll start making dolls again, but at least I can breathe. And thats a start.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sorry All But I've Been Away ...

From doll making and all around creating..

There's a LOT going in my life and has been for over a year and a half..

Don't know how long I'll keep this blog... but might open another when my life lightens up.

Blogging has been put on hold...


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Halloween and Vine! Plus California Road Trip!

I just returned from Northern California ~ A road trip with my husband and Halloween and Vine where I once again saw some dear friends and met some new ones... Here's a Hodge Podge of H&V photos! I think I'm done traveling for the year ... but you never know!
 Waiting for the doors to open.... People started waiting at 5 am!
 Setting up!
 Jorge looking over his table ~ I was the lucky person that was his helper for the show!
 Len Bentham from Canada... What a delight!
 Making sure everything looks good!

 Lori Rudolf's table!

 HoHo Halloween!

 Brandi checking her table

 Brandi and Lisa
 Lori Rudolf Retro Rudy...

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Yes Its Been Ages!

I know I've been gone a long time! I was in Holland for 2 months and when I came back I wasn't sure what I wanted to do....

It was overwhelming to come home... To pick back up paying bills, weeding (OMG) picking up my life where I had left it.

We are now entering in to fall and I'm just now getting my "sea legs" back to living here...

I am part of the One Million Bones Project (google it : ) To help the people of Africa victims of genocide. Here are my "finger" bones.. OI sent 3, I'm sending 2 to my dear friend Essie and the rest will be going on my Etsy next week...

Hope to be back more!