Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm Back and I Left My Wonderful Friend in San Francisco

Is it always good to come home after a trip? Yes and no for me.

I had a wonderful time in San Francisco! Not only was it warm and sunny but the best part is meeting my friend Essie and her husband! We had SO much fun! Alcatraz, Double Decker tour bus ride, Japan town, Fisherman's Wharf.... just hanging out... It gets me excited for the Netherlands in April... so here you are some photos!

This guy stole my heart!

 Essie's husband trying to take a candid photo of us...

 Essie and Rene on Alcatraz

 Prisoner's cell

 Rene looking into Solitary confinment

 Prisoner's Cell and how it looked way back then...
 This is a "peep" hole that the prisoner's could look out to San Francisco

 Looking out from the prison yard


 Tired me enjoying the sun!

 I love rusty things...

 This was an auto-man gallery on Fisherman's Wharf.... This doll was scary... she laughed and rocked back and forth.

 Want to Arm Wrestle?

 Opium Den

 Really creepy!

 Barber Shop Quartet!

 I won't tell : )

 Me and Essie in a warbled mirror

 I have more photos but they are on my lap top.... so more to come : )


TheBlakkDuchess said...

It looks like you had a blast! ^-^

And all the dolls at the fisherman's wharf... so creepy & wonderful!

Glad you had a good trip & made it back safely.

essie said...

Oh Pat, we had so much fun and I miss you so very much!!
Looking forward to April.
Thank you so much for coming to San Fran to meet us and make this trip unforgettable.

Janine said...

Wow, wonderful pics! Sounds like a wonderful trip and you have a sunny day to boot. At least it is sunny on this side of the State!

yoborobo said...

Hi Pattee! Oh, I love your pics - that skelly guy is amazing! :) And you look so happy, AND you had sunshine and friends. Sounds pretty wonderful all around. xox Pam

Shes Off Her Rocker said...

Such great shots Pat! You had so much fun! I love the heart you made your friend, too. Alcatraz shots were wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

Nice photo's.

Yovanka Black said...

You girls are sooo lucky!!!!!!!!!!!
I am really jealous :((((
I wanna be there too.. having fun with you guys... and make dolls even ;)


p.s. Skeleton guy ROCKS!!!!!

So Dark So Cute said...

Hi Pattee! I bet you gals had the most wonderful time in months huh? Well,...April is comming really soon now! Can't wait to meet you finally! btw, i have an Etsy shop with Lonnie. You can check out my blog :-)

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