Saturday, November 20, 2010

Don't You Hate When You "Think" You Have A Good Idea &

...well it just doesn't turn out like you planned so it's back to the drawing board! Way too much glitter and not enough room for the other things I had planned..... * Big Sigh*
Oh and we got snow!
 My summer Studio... Too cold in the winter.

 Looking out to our neighbor's house.
 Frozen pots...
 Colorful used dish towels.
 YIKES raccoon's are trying to get in my chicken coop!!! Beefed up security today!

 I love having flags flying in my yard.
 A lone autumn leaf
Have a wonderful Sunday... and keep creating even when well it just doesn't turn out like you had planned!


kj said...

what a fun post, pattee! it has everything! i love the expression on mr. doll (i assume he's a mister?) and i don't know about too much glitter because i kind of like what you've created so far.

fun to see your yard and studio. but i am no fan of snow and mine is coming anytime now too.

love to you pattee, my gypsy sister. ♥

yoborobo said...

Pattee - I think the glitter is wonderful and happy. And if there is too much, you can always layer something on top of it! lol! I'm not ready for snow yet, but it is so pretty. Love your flag! And do the raccoons steal the eggs? We have lots of them in our woods, so I guess if I ever get chickens, I will have to build them a fort. ;) Happy Sunday, my friend - xoxo! pPam

Emce said...

oh, snow, is the early in the year or normal? my chickens don't lay eggs when it is so cold....bur there are no raccoons here. Lots of luck with finishing!

So Dark So Cute said...

Hi Pattee!
I don't sculp much these days :-(
i don't know why...
It's not too cold uphere fortunately. I hate the cold winterdays and it's dark at 5pm

kay said...

yeah i so hate when it what i plan on does exactly come out like I plan, but its always back to the drawing board

TheBlakkDuchess said...

I really love all the colorful flags you have! ^-^ They're so cheery. Good luck keeping your chickens safe!