Friday, November 5, 2010

Dismal Grey Wet Dark November 5th

Yes it's dark and dismal outside ~ but my beautiful Christmas Cactus doesn't care..... It's just beautiful!
Here's a update on my WIP witch.... I want to have her hair going straight up ~ just not sure how to do that... any suggestions?

I took this photo at our Food Coop... thought it was beautiful! Not sure how to cook it tho.
Here's a few more photo's of this dismal day...
 All fall leaves are not red, orange and yellow... I love the coloring on this leaf,

Looking out from under our big Maple tree... It's actually pouring rain!

Have a great week-end!


tinypearl5758 said...

Maybe try teasing the hair and use hairspray. Sorry that's all I can think of at the moment. Good luck. xxx

Cody Goodin said...

Cool pictures Pattee, I love the yellow thing. What is it? As for the hair, if you want it to stay soft I guess hairspray. If you aren't concerned about softness, acrylic gels work good. We are having a dismal gray weekend here in Cincinnati. Not any rain really just cold and blustery.

Jane Perala said...

That's one cool witch! I love her hair the way it is.
The yellow veggie? looks like it came from another planet - is it from the cauliflower family?

yoborobo said...

What IS that vegetable? LOL! It's gorgeous, but I'm with you, I would have no idea how to cook it. I love your new witch, and I am no help on the hair. It's been cold and rainy here, too. I think today it's going to be sunny and cold - yay! xoxo! Pam

LuLu Kellogg said...

Wonderful pictures Pattee!

I just love the new witch! I wonder if you can get some hair putty (like from the drugstore) like the young kids use in their hair to make it stick up and then mist it with spray starch.

Oh how I wish we lived closer so we could visit. I miss you!!


So Dark So Cute said...

Such a nice WIP witch!
You asked me about facebook. I don't have facebook,but i guess in januari i'll be on facebook with a small group of 5 American artists "Soul Shadow Studio" who joined together.
I let you know when we have one ok!
Also we are going to open an Etsy shop! :-)

Flor de Maio said...

Adorei seu blog!
Essas flores de cactos aqui no Brasil são chamadas de flor-de-maio ou flor-de-seda e, ao contrário das outras flores estas florescem no outono.
PS: desculpe por não escrever no seu idioma, mas não o domino e, provavelmente seria mais difícil ainda para voce entender se eu tentasse...

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