Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Beautiful November 2nd...

As I laid on my back deck I took some pictures as I was laying there... and then some Chicken pictures since I cleaned the coop on this beautiful afternoon.... When it's like this I love the Pacific NW!
Just barely a cloud in the sky.
 A bronze fish out of his pond for the winter.
 Pink flip flops left over from summer. In the right hand corner it looks like a dog and a cat... there is really only a cat!
The top of my house...
 Thai, my cat wants to go in!
 Ok. I'll relax with you a bit more
 Looking out to my "garage" studio and boxed gardens put to bed for the winter.
 Looking through my knees at my chicken coop!
 The last of my succulents...
 Leaf caught in my screen door.
3 freshly laid eggs. One from my Barred Rock and the other 2 from my Americana's.
 I love sunflower seeds!!!!
 Rauctious Ruby... she's a fiesty one.... She's my Brown Barrded Rock.
 Another picture of Thai in the Bamboo...
I love to hang my old colorful dish cloths on my clothes line ~ just for color.

We are supposed to have one more day of sunshine ~ then the rains set in and it's time for soups & chili's.... Let November begin!


essie said...

What a beautiful home you have Pat.
It will be a shock to come to my house I'm afraid ;)
Thank you so much for sharing.

Kaerie Faerie said...

thank you for sharing your wonderful space, your cat looks like a rag doll
it is raining here for the first time in 35 days YAY, but just love looking at all the color out in the NW happy Nov.

Sue said...

I love seeing pics of your home, yard and surrounding area Pattee (and of course your feathery and furry family).

Hope tomorrow is equally lovely for you.



yoborobo said...

Hi Pattee! Great pictures! What lovely peek at your life. I have studio envy, and chicken envy. Since I have 3 cats, I don't have cat envy - lol! xox - Pam

So Dark So Cute said...

wow! You have a lovely place to live in and around! Thai is a beautiful cat! didn't know you had her. How's she with the chickens?

Marie Patterson Studio said...

Hi Pat or as some write Patee!!
such a lovely post and great to "share" your day with you!
we had a beautiful few days here too and it was great being outside in the cool crisp air but by morning we are due for rain so I guess I'll be in the studio all day tomorrow.
BTW, Squire is fully recovered from his sinus infection and back at his howling! LOL!

D. Leigh said...

What a delightful visit! Thank You!

M. Daniyal Iqbal said...
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