Thursday, September 2, 2010

This is What's New....

A little Sunflower seed stealer....
Working on the video's for this jointed doll class I'm teaching....
This guy went with me to NIADA and he's got a few places that I need to fix up...
Poor leg.....
Then finishing these witches for etsy.... after all Halloween is right around the corner...

*side note... I've got an appointment with my eye Doctor and with my Doctor next week ... so I will keep you all posted* * thanks for caring so much*
P.p.S.s..... The Goblin King bit the dust... fell off the shelf and I accidentally stepped on him : ( I'll need to find another September giveaway~


Carol said...

Poor King!!
Gosh I love those witch faces.
Don't you just LOVE witches!!

So Dark So Cute said...

oh Pattee! I guess your toering crushed him! hehehe!
I went to the b&b today,but nobody was there. I didn't noticed it before,cause the front of the house is in a side street,but i saw the name: Cantina Architectura painted on the wall.
Somebody told me this was a teahouse in the 19th century,so you can imagine how beautiful this place is! On the window there's allways a sign: 15 euro per day,but this time it wasn't there.
I guess they have customers at the moment. You can check out the dutch side but you can view it in english! I see its 30 euro per day,but i guess if you stay longer they give you a discount! I dint knew they are also a vegetarian restaurant! I'm sure gonna have dinner there sometime!

Sue said...

Oh no! Poor Mr. King!

Love your little Sunflower stealer .....waaaaay too cute! Hmmmmmmm, I think my witch may need a sister but will have to wait until my Paypal is
pumped up abit - got to get busy and stock my shop!

Sending you warm, healthy and healing wishes that all your tests
are perfect!



Amber Leilani said...

hope your dr. appointments go well.
keep us updated.

poor goblin king. and he was soooo cute. but, these things happen....

essie said...

Hi dear,

Sorry to hear about Mr King.
And I looove that little chipmunk, so adorable.

Please keep us updated about your Dr appointment.

Flora said...

Hey Pat!!!
Love your new dolly but then I love them all!!!I hope you had a goodnights sleep.

Sycamore Moon Studios said...

Your work is always so interesting. Good luck with your appts.

The Studio at Crow Haven Farm, LLC said...

Yes, make sure you keep us posted on the Dr. Appt. I hope you have a wonderful Holiday Weekend, and loving those witches. I want to make more of them! WOOOHOOO
Love ya

yoborobo said...

Yes, pretty please keep us in the loop on your doc appts! I am very sorry to hear about the King. Maybe there is a Queen in the wings? :)) xox!! Pam

TheBlakkDuchess said...

Poor Goblin King... T_T

Those two witches have just wonderful faces! I can't wait to see them finished! =D

I think your sunflower seed thief is indeed adorable... and I have a veritable platoon (of squirrels, mind you, not of sunflowers unfortunately) of my own at my place...

Hope your week's going well! ^-^


Emce said...

I hope the king recovers and that your health will be fine also, what a nice picture!

kj said...

whoa pattee, i've missed a few posts! first off, i hope you are feeling better and all is well in every way. so cool that you are going to the netherlands. i just had a special visit by a special friend from the netherlands and just being in her presence was so refreshing.

your comments on my blog are the sweetest. they make me smile pretty wide. :)


Abi said...

Oh I love him!!!

oldblackcatboo said...

Yes, Yes! please keep us posted about your appts. Even though I know everyting will be fine, I'm a worrywart!
Poor King!
I'm excited to see your witches! So Cool!
Take care!
XOXO - Cindi

Evelyn's Wonderland said...

Oh poor Mr. King!
I'm loving your witches and your little Sunflower stealer. Hope you're Dr. appointments go well.
Best wishes,

Marie S said...

I am sad you are not coming. But Halloween and Vine sounds like great fun.
Have a fun in Amsterdam.
Wonderful witch faces.
Love and hugs.

Abi said...

Sunflower seed stealer? love him already!!!
Goose Girl went in the shop yesterday...she sold :o)
Good luck with the docs Pattee.

Misty's Creations said...

Hope you are okay, keep us posted!
Healty Wishes,