Friday, September 10, 2010

My First Egg... Witches and Jointed Doll... MRA... The Netherlands

My first egg~It's from one of my Americana's. I know because it's blue green in color. I have to admit I had it for breakfast : )
Witch faces on canvas's... in progress... one is going to Dani Nelson of Spooky Time Jingles.
I'm going to be staying with her Wendy, and Brandi in Petaluma Ca. for the Halloween and Vine Gathering! I'm very excited.

I'm done with the painting part of my "Jointed Doll" class on my ning... next comes the button and wires.

I'm also very excited because I'm going to the Netherlands for a visit and I am going to see some my most treasured far away friends.
and hopefully a few more...

*Dr. visit yesterday was inconclusive.... but I'm going in for an MRA which is like an MRI except it looks at the arteries in the brain... this is next Wed....*


oldblackcatboo said...

oh! Love the color of that egg!
Hope you enjoyed it! LOL!
The Netherlands! How cool, I can't hardly wait to see the posts about your adventures there!
Love your witches! I tried to make one and got VERY frustrated and QUIT!
Yours is great!
Take care and keep us informed about the doctor visits!
XOXO - Cindi

ODD imagination said...

I love eggs but a light blue? It's almost too pretty to eat. I adore your little witch faces - I was working on a similar technique (more like bas relief) in some of my paintings. Funny how those ethers work. :o)

ODD imagination said...

Drats - I forgot to tell you how cute your little jointed doll is! I can't wait to see her when she is finished.

Sue said...

"My first egg~It's from one of my Americana's. I know because it's blue green in color. I have to admit I had it for breakfast : )"

LOL, this struck me as ghoulishly funny!

You know I love your witch heads Pattee, add this little joined doll to that! She is delightful!

Good luck with your MRA. I'm hoping you get some answers soon, this has to be a huge worry to you.

Lucky you and what fun it will be to meet Essie, etc!



Sue said...

Ooops...I'm with you on the "Prince"., I want him to win so badly. I have a feeling it will be
Fighting Gravity or Jackie Evanco though. Keeping fingers crossed. I wish Canadians could vote!



So Dark So Cute said...

I wish you all the luck next wednesday.
Have a lot of fun at the Halloween happening!
Ooooh, i like your witches! The one at the right is my favorite ;-)
See you soon Pattee!

TheBlakkDuchess said...

What a lovely color, that egg... ^-^
All your projects look wonderful! I love Halloween-y things... Hope you get nothing but good news from the doctor. You are in my thoughts. ^-^
Have an awesome trip! I can't wait to see pics & hear stories.


Cody Goodin said...

Love your witches faces on canvas Pattee, and I am sending you all sorts of healing and positive vibes for your next test the MRA. I hope it turns out ok for you.

Lisa Gatz said...
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Lisa Gatz said...

oops...messed up the last post...sorry!
Those are so cool, Pattee!
I have always wanted to go to Halloween and Vine.

Nice to see you again! ;-)

kj said...

pattee, you are so talented. i am still so tickled to have one of your witches here at # 9. i can see the quality and detail and i am always amazed by what you do.

i hope you get good medical news, soon! and i wish you the best gallivanting. the netherlands!! my blog friend marianne just came to visit me from the netherlands. it was a highlight of the century for me. have a great great time in california, and then across the sea.

TheBlakkDuchess said...

Yes! I love Squalicum Beach! It has the best sea glass of any beach I've been on yet! ^-^ I love to park at the technical college & then walk down the path to the beach. I'm not so fond of the mosquitoes who inhabit the last little bit of the trail, but it's such a nice walk!
If you like beach combing, we should definitely get together & go one of these days! ^-^

Sarah said...

Hi hon...just popping by to let you know I have left you a little treat on my blog later this morning..
Love your new work..and the egg..soooo pretty hon!!
Hugs, Sarah

Fabby Dolls said...

I really like the witches! Have fun in the netherlands!

Marie S said...

Was that egg good?
Easter eggs for breakfast every morning, LOL!!
I hope your scans come out negitive.
Travel safely