Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just Back From Halloween and Vine!

I'm going to add photo's of my 5 days in Petaluma... There were the meetings, the unpacking, the setting up, THE SHOW!!! People started waiting at the door at 5:30 a.m. and there were over 200 people...
I met unbelievably wonderful, sweet, caring, talented people. It's right up there on my top 10 lists of things I've done....
Here are some of the photos that I and others took, enjoy~
This is where Dani, Wendy, Brandi and I stayed....
Setting up Brandi's table in the hall..
Ornaments had to be taken in a basket...
 The people streamed in....
 and in....
William Bezek was there ~ what a nice person he is!
David Everett from Chicken Lips at the after party at a pumpkin farm... I want to be Davids neighbor!

Brandi's Warty Pumpkin!

 Moons by Brandi!
 Brandi's Tables.
Jorge de Rojas was one of my favorite artists there!

The colors are so much more vibrant than a picture can show!
Jo and Dylan from The Cart Before the Horse... such sweet, charming people....

Tomorrow I'll add photo's of after the show and the rest of my trip...
Getting ready for my next BIG trip to the Netherlands...
Oh and I'll announce the winner of the goblins in the pod!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Eggs, Mrs. Humpty Dumpty, All Together, and Of Course Lucy

First of all I want to thank you all again for your wonderful comments on my blog. I wish I could answer everyone of you... please know I read all the comments and appreciate them all!

Eggs! My Americana's are finally starting to lay eggs! Of course just in time for winter, when the egg laying drops off dramatically! Aren't they beautiful?

Mrs. Humpty Dumpty... She's the "real" victim of his fall...
Here's her story~
"Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall"

We've all heard that Nursery Rhyme.
Yes, Humpty couldn't be put back together again.
But lets stop and think, who is the real victim of Humpty Dumpty's fall?

Why it's Mrs. Dumpty and all the little dumpty's (eggs if you will).
Did anyone ever stop and think about Humpty's better half?
No, I didn't think so!

Poor Mrs. Dumpty sat on that fateful wall looking down on the mess
that used to be her husband, "Tsk Tsk" she thought.

All the Kings horses and All the Kings men noticed a small smile creeping upon Mrs. Dumpty's lips.
Is that a smirk or a smile? Is there a possibility of foul play?
Could he may have been pushed or nudged just a little?

Well, that would lead us into quite a different Nursery Rhyme....

Mr. Dumpty sat on a wall all day long on his tush.
You can't blame Mrs. Dumpty for giving him a little push.
When all the Kings horses and all the Kings men came to put Humpty Dumpty together again.

She said "Oh please don't bother! He wasn't a great father. All he did was sit on his wall. I knew he would fall." (She says with a smile)
 "We're better off without him" She said with a grin. "You see he left me a huge insurance policy. My babies and I won't suffer any strife. I'll just go find another egg and become his wife!"

Now if you've read this far I'm impressed!

A grouping of some of my dolls...

And last but not least ... Lucy... poor thing, 13th child... another story, another time~: )

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wow I Had No Idea What "Blog of Notes" were Until Now!

I'm like "Hey what's this all about?" I'm getting so many more comments, people are congratulating me and I have so many more followers! So I finally googled Blogs of Note and found this!

I was dumbfounded...
Wow, I want to thank All the new people that are now following me and that have made such great comments! Thank you... I also want to thank Blogspot for featuring me and for the wonderful friends that pointed this out to me.

I'm going to be on vacation next week for the big Halloween and Vine show in Petaluma, Ca. Hopefully can blog from there...

Then the month of October I'll be in the Netherlands enjoying my good friends there and going to the Ahoy Doll and Teddy Bear show in Rotterdam! Again I hope to be able to blog and show photos...

So Thank you old friends and new followers...
And don't forget to enter my giveaway... if you haven't already.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Agatha, Cherish and Bob

Are all in my Etsy shop ~
Also no news is good news on my MRI?MRA~

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pink Eyed Witch, Vampire Baby Taken to Young, Circus Boy ....

I'll be putting these 3 on my etsy shop tonight..

Then I think this will become a new witch (why is that creepy guy always laying around in the backs of pictures?)

*Also went in for my MRA ... what confusion... short story I had to have both another MRI and MRA..the left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing.... So I'm going to kick back with a glass of wine and what??? Try not to worry the die has been cast~*

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My September/October Giveaway

Is going to be these 3 little goblins in a pod.
Please leave  me an email or blog that I can respond to if you win...

I'll be away the end of September and on Oct. 7th I'll be off to the Netherlands...This giveaway will end September 29th~ I'll announce the winner on that day.

 These heads are almost done... the one in the middle is a vampire baby... I'll have them in my etsy shop soon.
Thank you everyone~ for all your following and support~

Friday, September 10, 2010

My First Egg... Witches and Jointed Doll... MRA... The Netherlands

My first egg~It's from one of my Americana's. I know because it's blue green in color. I have to admit I had it for breakfast : )
Witch faces on canvas's... in progress... one is going to Dani Nelson of Spooky Time Jingles.
I'm going to be staying with her Wendy, and Brandi in Petaluma Ca. for the Halloween and Vine Gathering! I'm very excited.

I'm done with the painting part of my "Jointed Doll" class on my ning... next comes the button and wires.

I'm also very excited because I'm going to the Netherlands for a visit and I am going to see some my most treasured far away friends.
and hopefully a few more...

*Dr. visit yesterday was inconclusive.... but I'm going in for an MRA which is like an MRI except it looks at the arteries in the brain... this is next Wed....*

Thursday, September 2, 2010

This is What's New....

A little Sunflower seed stealer....
Working on the video's for this jointed doll class I'm teaching....
This guy went with me to NIADA and he's got a few places that I need to fix up...
Poor leg.....
Then finishing these witches for etsy.... after all Halloween is right around the corner...

*side note... I've got an appointment with my eye Doctor and with my Doctor next week ... so I will keep you all posted* * thanks for caring so much*
P.p.S.s..... The Goblin King bit the dust... fell off the shelf and I accidentally stepped on him : ( I'll need to find another September giveaway~