Saturday, July 24, 2010

More Chicago....

More ~: ) These dolls are from ODACA which was in Chicago the same time.
My wonderful friend Donna Simms and her fabulous dolls...
Another by Donna
I am so sorry that I didn't write the names down of these wonderful artists.... it went so quickly...
Kori Butts : )
A completely needle felted raccoon 
A few pictures I took of Chicago.
They were filming Transformers 3 while we were there ...
Then I went to Millennium Park which was awesome!
There's so much more but these are the better ones.

Jacqui and I ate at this Italian restaurant that had people waiting in line out the door... and look where it is~


yoborobo said...

Wow, Pattee! So many cool dolls, and I love your pics of the city. What an interesting place! I loved that fountain in the park. :)) xox! Pam

Kaerie Faerie said...

love the pictures, I want to go to Chicago, I'm homesick, I just love that fountain with the faces, and the silver bean
I see you had a great time, Chicago is so fun!!!!

Sue said...

Wow - more great art dolls (that racoon is amazing!). Liked seeing your pics of Chicago too.

You obviously had a fantastic time!



julie campbell said...

Fab pics pattee, I love that racoon !
My son is 21 and still transformers mad, he would have loved being there to see them filming .
Sounds like you had a really great time :0)
julie xx

Yarrow said...

Fantastic pictures, Patti, so many wonderful images. Did you see any action for the Transformers movie?

I hope you're feeling better now :)

So Dark So Cute said...

I can see you had such a wonderfull time! I guess the italian was worth going to :-)
How's the pain Pat? Is it a little better now?

Georgina said...

Wonderful, Pattee...great dolls!! Hopefully will be visiting Chicago in Sept. My stepdaughter lives there with her hubby and our sweet and funny little Aiden.

Transformers 3...haven't seen 1` and 2 yet, but then I don't have grandchildren living here either!! That's the only way I'll see movies like that! LOL

Have a great week and I'm excited about the new ning.


TheBlakkDuchess said...

Wow... It looks like you had a blast! What a wonderful array of dolls! =D
Hope you had as much (or more) fun as it looks like you did! ^_^

Joanna Thomas said...

Thanks for sharing the pic! Looks like you got to see some wonderful things!
And wow what an adventure with the movie scenes going on around you!