Monday, June 7, 2010

Coming Home From California

Sun and 80 + degree weather was a welcome change from 50's and rain~
I'll be home tonight and hope to share some of the pictures (if they turned out) with you.

Then I want to get in the idea of creating ...


TheBlakkDuchess said...

Have a safe trip home & bring some of that wonderful warmth & sunshine with you! ^-^ I'm beginning to feel a wee bit soggy... ^-~

Excited to see your pictures!

Hugs & well wishes for safe & speedy travel. ^-^

So Dark So Cute said...

Welcome home Pattee! ;-)

oldblackcatboo said...

I'm waiting patiently for your return!

YingxianlovesBenny said...

Nice ;] Btw if u got time, take a visit to my blog. I like to make friends from worldwide. I want to know about others because Singapore is just a small country and wanted to get to know more about the outside ;P

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Sue said...

Looking forward to your pics Pattee...have a safe trip home.