Friday, May 28, 2010

Oodle of Doodles~ Can Someone Stop Me!

I found more sketch books (please don't tell me theres more in the basement!) So last night I started cutting... (click on picture if you really want a bigger picture!)
And then I came up with all of these...
It's kinda like "Where's Waldo"
I made another page as well....
Thanks for putting up with craze of mine!


Kaerie Faerie said...

this is so fantastic, I just love your paper art work, and I thought I sketched a lot LOL
Have a fun Holiday weekend

Marie S said...

I know, decoupage your table with them! ;-D
They would look awesome on a table or a box too!!!
Have a great weekend.
Love and huge hugs to you.

So Dark So Cute said...

Gheee!! How much time did you spend on this? You made something so cool out of it!
I used to draw too. years ago! and so much years of doing nothing creative....but than there was an angel or fairy who sayd to me i had to buy some clay and get started! i began in februari last year and never stopped a day since! if i look around at my creations, whoho! did i made them in one year! hmmm... its getting croudy in my house! time to start selling some LOL!

julie campbell said...

I love this ! wont be stopping you beacuse I just love these little characters you sketched, its their time to play now :0)
julie xx

Shar said...

I am amazed,you must be dreaming about cutting them out in your sleep :) They are a real fun bunch, the mind boggles as to what you will get up to with them cant wait to see!

Moriah (MLB Studios) said...

Holy Cow! That's a lot of snipping to do! Love the end result!

Sonia ;) said...

Those are so f-ing cool...Love it...think its very cool


Tess said...

OMG, I love these. The possiblities are mind boggling. Paper dolls, decoupaged tables, collage art, t-shirt transfers, tote bags, puppets, wall art, wall paper, wall gremlins, curtains (peek a boo), lampshades, I can't stop......Your fingers must ache about now.... LOL!!!

Janine said...

Stop you??? Who could stop such a creative mind as yours? I say keep it up but I want to know if you plan on making something like a collage with all of this? Would be interesting to see!

SKIZO said...


oldblackcatboo said...

WHOA! Don't your fingers hurt from all that cutting?!
Very cool though! Obviously I don't doodle enough! (probably because of flashbacks from my Dad telling me not to waste paper! ANYWAY.....)
I do love them! Thanks for your comments on my blog! It's great to have my blogger friends!
I looked up the stamp thing and here's a link I keep meaning to do it myself! I want to make some business cards with my "old" cat stamped on it but I haven't created the proper doodle yet! Anyway apparently you can create whatever you desire at this site! Good Luck! I'll be waiting to see the results!
XOXO - Cindi

yoborobo said...

So cool! I love your sketches. Keep drawing! :) xo! Pam

julietk said...

Thank you for your comment on my Dobby sculpture :-) I really think you should do a book of those little peeps.

Amber Leilani said...

that's a lot of doodles! and it looks like someone sent you have a link to where you can make your own stamps...i still think that's a good idea. of course, with wonderful work like yours, the possibilities are endless! and you're having fun... which is the really important part.
thanks for your words of encouragement on my dolls! i'll get where i want to be if i keep at it!
have a great weekend,

Sharon-NZ said...

Dont stop I love them just fantastic

Marina said...

Aww Pattee, they are wonderful! Some would made great rubber stamps too!
You have a real talent for creating characters!

kj said...

pattee, these are incredible. amazing! i think you should make a puzzle from them; what fun and what a challenge to put one back together.

not to mention to pick up colored pencils or markers and start filling the pieces in.

i really love this, pattee.

and i love you too. absolutely.

Sue said...

Pattee, yes oodles of doodles is right.....and what amazing, fantastic doodles they are! I love that you are putting them together! Keep us posted on how this project develops.

Hope you are having a super holiday weekend.



TheBlakkDuchess said...

Holy buckets! You've a veritable treasure trove of awesome little doodles!!! These still make me smile... I'll never get tired of looking at them... I hope you find more in the basement...