Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Connect The Dots

I'm going to post this now and then again when my dates and plans firm up in the coming months.
Connect the dots.... I'm going to start out in the far left hand corner of the Untied States (right under Canada) and work my way across the United States... how that will look I'm not sure yet. I want to stop and meet as many doll artists and artists that I can. Even if it's only for coffee or overnight.

I've wanted to do a trip like this for decades and I think if I don't do it soon It will be a dream that wasn't fulfilled.

So I'm just putting this question out there tentatively. How many of you really would like me to visit?
Like I said this is the very beginnings...

But very exciting!!!


Kaerie Faerie said...

Hey Pattee
Come on down, you know I'm planning a ADO doll artist gathering in June 2011 in New Orleans, the thread is on Ado, but you can stay amongst the faeries at my house in Florida, oh the fun we will have
your fairy friend

alimaky_woodedwoods said...

Wow, if you didn't mind stopping near the bottom of Ontario me (Kamila) and I'm sure Jacqui would LOVE to see you and maybe have a clay date :)
Also, are you going to Niada this year? I think I'd like to go since its so close to me in Chicago

Marie S said...

Oh how fun Pattee!! The trip of a life time!!
Love to you on this late wednesday night

essie said...

You know I would love to welcome you in my home when you are in The Netherlands.
But I guess that will be another trip :D.
Owww girl what a fun you will have on this trip.

dreamkeeperfae said...

like Essie already said, then you have to drop down as far as europe ;) perhaps around October when the big doll and bear fair is here in Holland??
Love, Andrea

Marie S said...

Happy Thursday Sweetie.
Do not tell any one but I am exhausted all of the time!
It is fun to have the young around though, it just wears me out is all.
Love and hugs.

Sue said...

Pattee this will be such an awesome experience for you! Wow...I envy you.

Go for it girl!



Jenea said...

:) It's my dream too, Travel around USA is one of the point, from my Bucket List!!! :)
Especially I want in hawaii! youhooo!

TheBlakkDuchess said...

Since I think I live near you (I think I saw pics of Lake Padden a while back?) I would love to meet up with you either for coffee or a walk somewhere! ^-^ I'm so happy you're taking the plunge & going on this trip. What fun!!! Road trips are just the best. You'll have a riot & post lots of pics I hope!