Thursday, April 1, 2010

And Winner is....

Pam of
Yea Pam!!! I will sen Mitsy off next week ... I'm sure I'll be feeling better by then!

Thanks everyone for playing as soon as I'm at my table or I just happen to find a doll sneaking around I'll have an April giveaway...

Now I just want to go back to bed : )


yoborobo said...

Oh, Pattee! I am so happy to have won your doll!! I am turning cartwheels and doing a happy dance! YAY!!!!! I hope you feel better, take good care of yourself! Thank you, thank you! xoxoxoxo!!! Pam

Sue said...


well, I'm sorry it wasn't me, but AM glad that Pam won!

congrats Pam!

Sue:) word verification is "dammet"

Marie S said...

I would be going to the corner to cry by myself, but since Pam won it, I can get over it!
Congratulations Pam!!!

Get better fast Pattee.
Love and huge healing hugs for you!!

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Feel better soon Pattee....nothing worse than not feeling well!! Congrats to Pam!! Lucky gal! She is so sweet it is lovely that she won.

oldblackcatboo said...

Yep! I gotta agree, if it wasn't me then I'm glad it was Pam.

Hope you feel better soon Pattee!

Sonia ;) said...

Yay Pam xoxoxoxxoxo

Brenda LaBell said...

Whooo hooo happy dancing with you Pam, lucky girl!!

Patte, I am so sorry you are still feeling icky, hope your feeling better really soon!!


SKIZO said...


MarZel said...

Very cool and great doll. Congrats to all!!

Renee Troy said...

Lucky cute Misty is!

Designs By CK said...

Happy Easter weekend to you!

Chris :-)

Marie S said...

Thank you Pattee my sweet. I having fun playing with this style. Oh baby and I have so many ideas, I can not work fast enough.

I am doing ok! I feel kind of headachey, but that is probably just fighting off a cold from the grand daughter.
She has been sick all this week.
How are you doing with the pigs visiting?
I have heard it is horrible!
Hope you are well sweetie.
Have a happy Easter and a swine free weekend!

kj said...

pam won? pam? the famous and infamous author of children's books? the creator of emily plush and designer bibs? pam, who is kj's first choice to get into trouble together? pam who gave out awards and made her friends cry until she sang to them?

that pam? ah, that pam. that's good.

feel better pattee. we need you on the caravan. ♥

TheBlakkDuchess said...

Yay Pam! Congrats! ^-^

Pattee, hope you feel better soon! *hugshugshugs* ^-^

Kaerie Faerie said...

missed it again, oh well, Happy Easter eat lot of chocolate
and I have Lilly in a New Doll House Story over on my blog
your fairy friend

Sarah said...

Congrats Pam!!! Hope you are feelin better soon hon...I had it and it just kicked my but for a couple of weeks!! Hang in there and hugs, Sarah

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter! :)
Hope you're feeling better too!

Marie S said...

Oh, thank you so much Pattee. It is just Howard and I today. All of my girls are going other places. We had a big dinner with every one last weekend.
So it is a very quite day for us also.
Happy Easter to you.
I hope you are feeling much better!
Love and hugs to you my sweet Pattee.

kj said...

happy hoppy hippy easter pattee

Stolen from Marie...