Friday, March 19, 2010

The Traveling Gypsy Caravan

I started this Gypsy Caravan Blog for Renee...
You can go there by clinking this link

A little over a year ago Renee and I talked of running away as gypsy's... I'd buy the Gypsy Caravan and I would pick her up and we would travel the world.... as long as I was her personal chef! Of course I would be...

Later I created this blog for her and I to hang out in. A visual space to play.
If you'd like to read a bit more come on over to our band of 45 gypsy sisters that loved Renee.


Zan Asha said...

Hey Pattee :) Aww, so lovely!! YOu are so sweet! Why don't you run away with me when I go?

Designs By CK said...

What a sweet idea & fun blog!

CK (-'

Sue said...

Pattee, just on my way out the door but will definitely read your Caravan blog later.

What a beautiful idea!




Jenea said...

Your idea is really very good! But...I cannot enter in this site< there is error! ;(