Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring is Officially Here

The lowly dandelion... I read a book once about prison and the perspective of a man that didn't get to go outside. But he could look out a small window. He saw a dandelion and thought it was the most beautiful flower in the world... and so even tho I don't like them in my garden, I look at them differently.

Still grieving the loss of Renee....
Haven't been able to teach on my ning or make dolls these days....
I need a boost! Any suggestion? 


Marie S said...

Spring is here and it doesn't seem so swell with out our dear one here with us. She would want us to move forward though, more than any thing.
I love you my dear! I am sorry you are not feeling so zippy. I was thinking the same thing today. I miss her and I can not seem to snap out of it!
But maybe just maybe we need to respect that feeling and just waller in it to get through it. I propose a trade with you my sweet. Let us both make something that represents our Dear Renee and trade with each other, what do you say?
I have an idea for something and would love to trade it with you.

She loved and respected you very much Pattee. She said so all of the time.

I love King Eggbert Omlet and he watches over me now. He makes me smile. Thank you so much for him!

Kaerie Faerie said...

Spring is coming, time to go out and take a walk and soak up all the new life that is growing
I too believe the Dandelion gets a bad rap, actually it is so sunny of a flower with it's dragon like leaves and when they are old you can blow the lacy seeds into the air, and make a wish
feel better, give yourself some TLC
your fairy friend

JudiA said...

You need to give yourself more time Pattee - be kind to yourself. And by the way, I love dandelions (except in my veggie garden, LOL.) Such a cheerful bloom, and who doesn't love to blow a dandelion clock??

Sue said...

Enjoy the dandelions, the fresh new green and the warm breezes...and think of Renee.
Wonderful memories of her will help to ease the days and as Juliet said - give yourself some time.



Sophia said...

Would you please send some of that Spring blossom here?!?! :)


yoborobo said...

You can't hurry grief. I find myself thinking I've come to terms with it all, and then the next day I am in tears again. I read through a bunch of emails from Renee, and it made me so happy, and so sad at the same time. We've all lost someone so very special, and it will take us some time to get our footing. Spring will help. Renee would tell us to get out there and enjoy life. Hang tough, my friend! xoxo Pam
PS I love dandelions. :))

Lisa Gatz said...

What a beautiful statement about dandelions and vision. I'm glad that you shared it. I feel like I'm in prison sometimes.

I wish I had a suggestion for you, Sweetie, but I'mh as lost as you are at the moment.

When I was working at the hospital as a Doula, I went through a grief workshop to help moms cope with the loss of their babies. What I remember most was that the Psychologist who presented said this (paraphrased by me):

Humans are designed to grieve in uncomplicated ways. If we feel our feelings without trying to escape, we walk through to the other side. She said this to make sure that we weren't saying dumb-ass things like "God needed her". :-P

I loved what Marie proposed, such a beautiful way to embrace Renee and feel where you are.

Marie S said...

Yay, Pattee a trade it is then!!!
Got any ideas for the watch parts now??
Thank you so much Pattee! I love the Iron angels but I have a new favorite now. I will put it up soon!
Love to you on this gorgeous day!!

Marie S said...

I am so excited!

oldblackcatboo said...

I remember when I was a little girl and I would sit and pick Dandelions and tie them together and make necklaces and bracelets and crowns. I was so happy making them and would get SO mad when people told me they were JUST weeds! I felt like a weed sometimes myself, but I prefer to think that. I'd rather be hard to get rid of rather than a fragile pampered flower.... Who knew! that a little yellow weed can make some people so happy!
AND- I think Marie has a wonderful idea! I know that in my past it helped me to change my routine. If I mixed things up a bit and if I tried to focus on new different things, it helped me. Of course there will still be moments when it all comes roaring back but try to remember that there are
people out here (some who you've never met, like me!) who follow your blog and care and are sending you positive healing thoughts! - XOXO, Cindi

alilcrunchidoula said...

maybe you should make a memorial odd-doll for her

Allegra Smith said...

Hello again,

it was very sweet of you to stop by.
I perfectly well understand the undercurrent of loneliness and grieving as I am there myself and in spite of knowing that I am not alone, the communicating with Jacquie and Angelique privately, I feel Renee's absence deeply.

I am going around the garden talking to her inside my head and telling her about what new plants we are putting on this year, and about the tomatoes I was going to send her, some gorgeous heirloom seeds she never heard of and she didn't know if they would make it up in Winnipeg, and I told her I would create a salad just for her, the Summer Renee's Salad and I would post the recipe on my blog with all the things she loved and hated so it will take a while for her to eat it so she would stay around longer.

I know it sounds crazy, but I believe it is less painful for me that way. Pretending that she is away with Wahid on a trip somewhere and that she is happy and without pain, enjoying the sights. It is not denial or escapism, for me it is survival right now.

Re-read her comments or anything she wrote to you. You will cry but it will be a good cry, the ones that cleanse the soul and I can only hope that we will all come to the place of peace and serenity when everything we love, will in some way or another, remind us of her.

Love your dolls, and I am glad we can begin to share. Isn't the weather beautiful in the NW right now? It was 62 today and tomorrow and Saturday will be 70. Oregonians go crazy and invade the garden centres around here. Who can blame us? I am so ready to plant tomatoes already and have at least another month to go before any such thing. But they are growing in the greenhouse so...I will sit on my hands as Renee would say, and wait until the soil comes up to 50.

Enjoy the weekend and I hope you find some comfort in knowing that you are not alone in missing her.
Happiness when shared is twice as much happiness, sadness when shared just about half as much sadness.

Marie S said...

I do too. I am glad you like it too. Thank you so much Pattee.
Even though I have to make these, it is always so nice to have some one else like them too!
The metals in the watch parts are all kinds of colors and it just kind of fits with the wire and the clay this way.
Maybe it is time to bring the Ghoulie girls out again!!
Love and hugs, have a great weekend.