Thursday, January 7, 2010

Valentine Elves

I'm teaching my Valentine Elf class~
Here are 3 little ones waiting to be finished.

One of them will be my giveaway for the Whimsical Bohemian, Magic Carpet on January 25th.


Janine said...

These are so cute Pattee!

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

I am loving me some elves Pattee!!! Adorable little characters.

I'll be back to see more!

Sue said...

Pattee they are so cute! I would love to take your class, but given that I just spent close $1,000 today on my van, any extra curricular spending is curtailed LOL.


Sophia said...

Oh, they are cute. I love the middle one the best. :)

Renee said...

Pattee they are wonderful.

Super adorable.

I went to bed at 9 and could not sleep having a bat stuck in my sternum right now.

Tired and hoping I can drop off soon.


Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

Hey for all of us. I signed up and need to get a few more embellishments and I'm ready to make my little house elf so Dwiddle has a little friend. LOL
Have a great weekend my friend.

Abi said...

Ooh! those lil elves are so cute Pattee!!!!I love them!
Hope you have a great new year :O)

Anonymous said...

Very cute.
I love your elves.

Renee said...

Pattee I have loved you for a long time. You are open and so loving and a gift to the world.

I am glad to know that we are sharing a piece of this world at the same time.

Darling did I tell you that my Mom is dying. Not tonight we hope but she may have a few months. And oh I am heartbroken.

Love Renee xoxo

Bone*Head*Studios said...

Even at this stage they are sooooooo adorable Pattee!!!I REALLY REALLY need to go do one of these classes!!!

Marie S said...

Thank you Pattee!!
Sending positiveness your way sweetie.
Have a magical week.

Anonymous said...

These are adorable!

Annie said...

Thanks for the supply info you mentioned in your comment to me at Avatar. I'm intrigued. More later.

Renee said...

Pattee can you see where you blew my mind when you named her Effie.

I mean we are in sinc, that is all I can say and we must have been communicating even when we didn't know it.

I love you.

Renee xoxo

Fabby Dolls said...

Your little guys are adorable! have a Happy Valentine's Day and New Year!

Renee said...

Pattee my Mom will just love her and I will be bringing her up there today. Oh and of course you probably knew this already, my Mom had red hair as a child.


Marie S said...

Your goddess sounds gorgeous Pattee, I would love the chance to try that. Maybe I will do it anyway.
You are a light in my life, good luck in the giveaway!!!

Renee said...

I love you dear heart.


Renee said...

Pattee my Mom is going to love Effie, I am bringing her up tonight, as I was not able to get there the other night.


Anil P said...

Such soulful eyes.

Renee said...

Pattee my Mom is over the moon with Effie. She was laughing.

Thank you for the gift darling.


Renee said...

Pattee good news Jacquie was able to go see Mom today so that is a good day.


Renee said...

Pattee Jacquie left a comment on yesterdays post.


Renee said...

I hope the classes are going awesome Pattee. I'm sure they are.

We need our gypsy wagon. Okay Sonia time to get up with me and Pattee.


Renee said...

The one on Jacquie is called Times Three


kj said...

pattee, what you do with these dolls! their expressions are indescribable: so joyful, innocent, fun, secretive.

i love seeing all renee's comments here. what a gift you have given her mother. you are a gem, pattee.

oh and about that caravan, i hope it has room for four, not just three. because i just can't see you guys traveling anywhere without me too.


日月神教-任我行 said...