Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Halloween Witch Givaway~

I turned off the bewitching lamp. Blew out the candles in the pumpkins. Shut the blinds. Out of candy.
Another Halloween gone by... or has it? Aren't witches, goblins and ghost alive all year?

I picked my witch giveaway... and ta da the winner is Abi~ An Angel at my Table!
Abi send me your snail mail address to And I will send her out this coming week!

I'm planning on another giveaway so stay tuned!


julie campbell said...

Congratulations to Abi !
julie :0)

essie said...

You know what?!
I'm so happy Abi won this give away.
She's always promoting other artists so she deserve this pretty much.
Congrats Abi.

Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

A Big COngrats to Esther said...she deserves to win! Enjoy her Abi, you are just going to love having her around hanging out with you in your studio!

Renee said...

Congratulations lucky duck. Patte's work is divine.

Pattee here it is about the treats but the kids do say 'trick or treat'.

Love Renee xoxo

Yve said...

Just saw your Winter Witch, she's fab! In case you missed my reply, the Midnight Ball is at Freaky Little Things hope you will come along for a Waltz and a fright :o)

Sue said...

Congrats to Abi...Abi, you will love this witch!!


Abi said...

OMG you are kidding? thank you soooo much - I'm actually in tears!!! I can not wait to be the proud owner of art by you Pattee! Thank you so very much.
Thank you to everyone else for the kind words - I appreciate it. Ok, I've quit crying - what a moose I am!!

Kaerie Faerie said...

Congrads Abi, I manned the door too, as the good witch of candies LOL
very hot and buggie, between door bells worked on dolls, Hubby was out gator hunting, so glad Nov. is here

Marie S said...

Congratualtions to Abi!!
Have a wonderful day Pattee Dahling!!

Bone*Head*Studios said...

LUCKY ABI!!!!Pattee, Halloween was just SO MUCH Fun for us this year,
I missed my youngest dd, she couldn't make it but everyone else had a wonderful time,My twin Grandies won the $100 1st place for their costume!!!!

Odddollz by Jacqui said...

You lucky lucky girl Abi!!! She is amazing, I am sure you will enjoy her:)

Congrats to you!!!


Ayala Art said...

COngrats to Abi!!!!

Marie S said...

Thanks Pattee, she is a cutie and so are all the rest of the kiddies.
These are all parents and kids from my daughters lamaze class.

Oh thanks Pattee, for throwing a wrench in to my revelry.
I am going back in time to the 25th of October. And staying there!

Renee said...

Have you had your first class yet, super excited to hear how it went.

Love Renee xoxo