Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Halloween from Australia!

Did I luck out! I got an amazing treat yesterday! My friend Lorell sent me this wonderful box from Australia. Candy! TimTam's are one of my favorites! She sent wonderful book marks of her wonderful work. A beautiful card and magnet. But most of all I love my Erriefae!!! A wonderful little fellow that will be out long after Halloween's over. Thank you Lorell!

***Also on a weird side note...The feed and seed manager looked at my chicken for the past several days... noticed that she was growing new feathers... but not hen feathers ~no Rooster feathers! She is a hermaphrodite chicken!!! 1 in 10,000 can be this ... she/he has a new home where he/she is the only chicken and is a pet for the kids and a blind bunny. I'm so happy she/he has a good home.***


Marie S said...

How awesome Pattee I love the piece Lorell made too!! Erriefae is outstanding.
LOL!! no wonder the other chickens were picking on your chicken, too much like real life eh?

Lorell said...

Oh yay! So glad it all arrived safely Pattee....wasn't sure if Tim-Tams were available over there....the double-coats are particularly good!....but figured you probably wouldn't have Caramello Koalas or Freddos.
Glad you like the beautiful little witch has pride of place in our 'Witchin' Kitchin'....everyone who sees her just loves her! xx

Sue said...

What a very cool treat! Yummy candy and a fabulous spooky!

Pattee, that is too funny about your hermaphrodite

Debie Lyons said...

Lovely goodies Pattee. So glad to hear that your hen has a new home.

Debie xxx