Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lulu's story...

Ha! You all might be disappointed... but Lulu said she didn't care her story is her story.
It could have been more gruesome... it could have had so much could have made people scream and run outside holding their heads... but no her story is her story she says...

Lulu's story:

Lulu had one lover and then she had two more.
Then she had too many, coming in her door.
It got to be too crazy; and she was dizzy with her suitors.
And to be very very honest all of them were losers.

She tried to be so sneaky
and go out on the the town one night.
But all of them they found her and they put up quite a fight.

Who would win dear Lulu? She really did not want any.
She finally had decided that she had, had way too many.

She yelled:

They all turned around and looked.
By then they were all bloody.
Then angry they did look.

"What?" they cried not believing what they had heard.
"Shut up. I don't want any of you!" Flipping them the bird.

She ran... They ran...

She thought this is crazy! She hid beneath some stairs.
Then the devil did appear.
He said "Helllooo Lulluuuu I think we make quite a pair.

"You give me your soul, I'll cut off your head
and all of these lovers will believe that you are dead."

She thought for just a minute and said "It's a deal! If I can re-attach my head
when I want and look so real."

The devil thought and said "It's done now now give to me your head."
With one fell swoop he cut off Lulu's head.
Sure enough it looked like she was dead.

He attached her head with a black ribbon.

Lulu opened up her eyes.
She felt her head and sure enough the devil did not lie.
She blinked, she laughed, she did feel so fine.
But before the devil flew away. He laughed: "Remember you are mine."

Poor Lulu is destined to be with the devil until the end and the end and the end of time.

*side note please. If you go to my other blog please say a prayer for my friend
Renee and her sister and nephew.... They are all the most wonderful people*


creativedawn said...

Okay....interesting story...we all know the trouble with making pacts with's the devil! Sure, I like your poetry...

Debie Lyons said...

OOOOOOOOO such a dark and wonderful tale.
Shes great!
Debie xxx

Joanna Thomas said...

You made me laugh! and Cry! Poor Lulu... Give her a kiss for me!

magikalseasons said...

Poetic and Wonderful tale!

Paola Zakimi said...

Love Lulu!!!
she is great!
hug dear!

Renee said...

Oh noooooooo....

Dear Lulu you made a deal with the devil. I think that you should be able to tell the devil that you don't keep deals.

Pattee, I love Lulu and the story was fantastic.

You are so amazing.

By the way, when you make your gypsy caravan you can say that it is staying in my yard.

Love Renee xoxox

Renee Troy said...

So creative and interesting. Such a little LuLu with such a big problem.
I love both her and her story. Great job!

3rdEyeMuse said...
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3rdEyeMuse said...

hehe ... I dare that dasterdly dude to just TRY and take her from me!!

julie campbell said...

Love the story, now I know the secret Lulu was hiding ! Too many men is just such a devil of a problem ;0)
julie xxx