Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday's situation.

Bella went to the public market with me today and met some characters also a well deserved rest in a friends pillows.

I'm not sure what Bella's story is ~Or if she even has a story... The way I feel today she does not have one.

But an old Buddhist saying is "Fortune changes with swish of a horses tail"

I hope that it changes soon!


Sue said...

Look how cute she is sitting there amongst the pillows! She puts a smile on my face!

I hope things change for you Pattee, so that you soon have a smile on your face too!


Pattee said...

Thanks Sue I do also~

Abi said...

Oh my, she is so adorable.

Debb said...

I love her and she having so much fun.

creativedawn said...

What a cutie! With a face like hers...let them wonder at her story!

3rdEyeMuse said...

Bella really is one of the sweetest characters ... ever!! Plus, it's a bonus that she appears to enjoy her photo shoots, too.

ODD imagination said...

I heard Bella whispering her story to me so I think you are covered! :o)
So darned cute Bella is!

note: This is funny. My word verification to post my comment is "decrab". Do you think they mean wee crabbie? ha ha

magikalseasons said...

She's super adorable!

Sarah said...

OMG she is beyond too cute!! My favorite so far!! Love the fact that she went to the market with you!! Here is to fortunes changing for the better!!
Hugs, Sarah

Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

Pattee, Bella is adorable and she will make you smile...she makes me giggle. What has you at odds my friend? I hope you are ok...I miss my Pattee and her Odd Doll ways! hehehehe P.S. LOVE THE FREAKING CARD!!! I have that picture hanging in our Kitchen. I found it a few years ago. THANK YOU SO MUCH... You totally made my day! Now, I must think of something to cheer you up...hmmmm... Let's see what the Crow has in store for you....hehehehe Love ya

Sprite said...

She is adorable! she looks like she thoroughly enjoyed the trip :) Aww, I hope you feel better Pattee and quick :) Sending lots of big hugs, Sprite

Renee said...

Oh dear friend, of course Bella has a story, she just needs you to listen to it, but don't judge her or she will stop talking.

I will ask Viola her secrets when she arrives.

Thank you for caring and being a dear friend.

You would have smiled earlier because Nathan was sitting on the couch with Nadalene showing her his fool. They love him.

Love Renee xoxo

Little Dollings by Brenda O. said...

Well, she Looks like she has a story! Maybe, she is not gonna share it!! So cute..


kj said...

pattee, who needs the change: you or bella? and if it's you, which i assume it is, will the well wishes of new and old friends help?

there seems to be heavy air circulating of late. i'm gearing up to blow it somewhere else....


Joanna Thomas said...

She does have a "story" Pattee... and everytime you look at her now you will recall those ventures together... because her 'story' is your story too~
There is nothing like a shared journey~~

Renee said...

Good morning Bella

Love your sister Viola

moti said...

love her!!!!!! sooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!