Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Big Sky Country.
Hey they named a street after me!
Driving up to my Dad's placeThis is where my dad has his studio and the corral when we had horses.

Just one side of the houseAfter 8 hours of driving I made it home!
I love to drive, BUT I broke my tail bone the second day I was in Montana. OUCH!
It doesn't hurt to walk so I when I sit and am not aware OUCH!!!!!

It was a good trip all in all...
I'm tired and now getting ready to go to San Jose' Ca. (Sounds like I'm a traveler... : )

I'm going to add pictures... heavy blog with pictures.


Sonia ;) said...

Same as previous post...Im moving to Montana....I missed you..

S xoxo

Joanna Thomas said...

This is your Dad's house? OMG... It is so wonderful! The stone work is unbelievable! What an enchanted place!

Sue said...

Yikes on the tailbone crunch Pattee!! Hope it doesn't give you too much pain.

Your dad's house and studio are fabulous! I want to move in with your dad!

Tess said...


Sarah said...

Hi Pattee...you were up my way!! The place is stunning..I do love it up here!!! Hugs, Sarah