Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Are Wednesday the best day in the week?

It is 2 days before the week-end... that's good. But it's also just Wednesday this middle day. This middle of nowhere day... Hump day. I can't wait till Thursday. That just sounds better and I can spell it.


Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

Yeah...I agree, Two more days until Weekend Madness! WhoooHOOOOOO! Have a great Thursday and just think, after Thursday, we have one more day until Friday...LOL

Sonia ;) said...

Yeah Hump Day just reminds us we have only gotten half way...and two days more to go.....UGHHHHHH...But today is Thursday now it will drag alllllllll day...

Sonia ;)

Renee said...

Hello darling. Wednesday's women are always made up. Total made up story. Unless it is the 25th or 50th or 75th, etc. So whenever you see one just remember it is fiction.

I loved your reply.

I wrote a comment about you in Sue's blog.

How much I love you.


Joanna Thomas said...

I used to live for Friday when I had my old job. I never really understood how miserable I was until I quit and actually lost track of what day it was.
So now days any day is okay with me!

Georgina said...

Even though I'm no longer employed and finished with my college studies, I still look forward to Friday...just a habit. But my hubby and have turned into a special evening for us...Chicken Wing Friday or Fondue Friday or go out to our favorite Mexican restaurant...Fridays belong to us.

ODD imagination said...

Did I tell you how much I LOVE the picture in your header? That is crazy, genius, awesome doll art! You have any other pictures any where? Like DA or something?
Wednesdays? ack! Sunday and snoozing? THAT is where I like my week. he he

3rdEyeMuse said...

that photo is terrific!