Sunday, May 31, 2009


Today was a beautiful day. We worked in the yard, bought 2 lilac trees and replanted others. The chickens enjoyed their dust bath and laying in the sun. 

Yesterday My husband and I were in Seattle all day. I am in the Art Doll Traveling Project with ADO So I took the doll I've been working on, Sarah. She's from Colleen at  
We had great fun traveling around the city... she had many compliments.

Hope you all have a good Monday

Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Friday Everyone

My husband and I got invited to have dinner on a friends sail boat. That should be fun. Thank goodness it's about 72 degrees and sunny. I like spontaneous adventures!

Tomorrow we are having a reunion brunch with all the people that went to TJ, Mexico.We went to help the Primavera's. Women that take a stake in their lives. To help make money for their families, feel better about themselves and teach their daughters that they can do anything they want. It was a trip I'll never forget. Here's a few pictures from that trip 2 years ago.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A couple of Things... My finished bust and Halloween Pay it Forward...

I finished the small sad deer person bust... I kinda like her...

I have gotten Vania address for the Halloween Pay it Forward..
So Zenobia if I get your address before Friday I'll have 4 Pay it Forwards!

Good evening to you all hope all is well~

Ok This is the last post on this....

I did get an address from Vania...  and I will add Zenobia if I get her address by Friday so that will be 4 Halloween Pay it Forwards!I did get an address from Vania...  and I will add Zenobia if I get her address by Friday so that will be 4 Halloween Pay it Forwards!
Hey you all...

I've got Silke Janas-Schloesser 
And Michele from 3rd eye muse....
and...Zenobia... (except there's no way to get a hold of her unless she reads my posts here.) To play the Halloween Play It Forward.

I've got Michele's and Silkies address....
Zenobia if I don't hear from you by Friday I'm going to have to chose another person to Pay it Forward. So please get in touch with me!

I'm going to start making my Halloween gifts this week-end...

Monday, May 25, 2009

I didn't finish a doll but ...

I got pretty close...
One is a bust and the other
is Nanny Beaksters taking her "Quail" egg for a walk... both of theses are still in process... I guess I just felt glad that I did  SOMETHING~

I got pretty close...
One is a bust and the other
is Nanny Beaksters taking her "Quail" egg for a walk... but both of theses are still in the process... I guess I just felt glad that I could do SOMETHING~


This is from a menu at one of my favorite breakfast restaurants.
Sometimes I feel like this.......

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A wonderful gift from a great friend

Michelle at sent me yet another wonderful "Fool"... now my first Fool has a friend Fool to keep him company along with my few Fools I have left.
If you get a chance go to Michelle's blog and check out her incredible work... like 
"The Gossip Girls"!

Friday, May 22, 2009

This is one of many blog posts...

Late Friday night ... I've been up since 5 am and  now ready for bed and it isn't even 9! But...
I want to hopefully understand who is going to be included in my Halloween Pay if Forward... 
I have Silke from Germany down for sure....

I haven't heard from the next 2 people if they are going to do it and/or if they want to pay it forward... maybe to another country... which might be added expenses. Hopefully you've gotten my emails... 
If I don't hear from these 2 others by Sunday night I'll put it out again if anyone wants to join Silke in this cool adventure~
So please let me know....
Have a great Memorial Week-end  and be Safe!!!
More blog posts to follow!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Town Art Doll Exchange has Ended...

This doll exchange was between 2 other friends and I. It was great fun even with just us three...
Here they are... before...
Then they became ....

And then tonight they came to the end and this is how they all turned out...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thank you Marzel

Thank you Marzel of for giving me an award... one that I'd never heard of before. The Byrum Spiritual Art Award. Her message was "You make a difference. I know, because you have for me!"
I'd like to bestow this award to 

I want to thank all these women for making a difference to me.... and there are so many many more...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Pay it Forward Giveaway Challenge

I entered the Play it Forward Giveaway over at

This is how it works: The first 3 people that comment on this blog post wins a Halloween treat from me! Please send me your email and contact information. Of course it's one of those "Pay it Forward" so if you'd like to be a part of the challenge let me know if you don't want to play but want to leave a comment be sure to say "This is just a Comment"

This will be fun... even tho Halloween is a few months off (good thing because we haven't gotten even close to a good Spring!) I'll look forward to what I can send... you know it can be anything Halloween related! So be prepared!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Week-End.....

Saturday morning we (my husband and I) were all set to work in the yard get caught up on paper work... etc... around 9 a.m. our son calls and says "Hey, you want to meet in Mount Vernon and go for a hike?" (I can't hike with my hips just having cortisone shots) But lets meet we'll have lunch and my husband and son can go hiking... and I will have a relaxing day in town... They called a few hours later and my son has decided to stay the night with us... what 2 week-ends in a row? I'm about to faint... 

Let's go to VanCouver B.C for dinner... another spontaneous decision! It's only about an hour to Vancouver from where we live... we got up there and walked around the shops, the beach, places. Then we went to my favorite Japanese restaurant, which is always high energy and good food.

Today, Sunday... my son washes and vacuums my car, makes us sandwiches to eat at a park.... and then takes off back to Seattle. He's such a great kid~

Wow... a week-end I never expected and needed more than I knew...

I still got some of my garden planted!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Fricking Friday!!!

YEA! Friday finally is here! I don't know what's up for me this week-end... maybe getting rid of some stuff... or at least organize it. I'm lost at the moment in my doll making.

Can you imagine living with so much... "crap" or "cool" stuff? You pick.

Then out to the hen house. Who laid this egg? Was it you Flo?

I hope all of you have a GREAT week-end...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Are Wednesday the best day in the week?

It is 2 days before the week-end... that's good. But it's also just Wednesday this middle day. This middle of nowhere day... Hump day. I can't wait till Thursday. That just sounds better and I can spell it.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I have another blog

That just has stuff on it... chickens, doll, stuff if you'd like to go there per chance it's:

Tuesday all day and I thought it was Monday!

Monday, May 11, 2009

I have been officially tagged

I've been tagged by Michelle! Be sure to stop and see the amazing work she does.
She does some really cool stuff out in her studio.

This tag works like this...
1)Name and link back to the person who tagged you.
2)List six things 6 (un) important things that make you happy.
3)Tag 6 bloggers and let them know they're it by leaving them a comment on their blog.

So... not in any particular order...
1. My chickens
2. My husband.
3. Creating "art"
4. Sun
5. A glass of red wine at dinner
6. My internet friends that I couldn't live without!

The people that I am going to tag... whether they like it or not, or if they pass this on or not are:

a) Nicole at LoopyBoopy Art 
b)Josie at skeletoninmycloset-it'sdarkinhere... (that's a long one: )
c)Jodi Creagar

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mothers Day~Here are a few pictures of women that were important to me.
This is an early picture of my mom. We were celebrating my 2nd birthday. She was so young and I miss her...

This is a picture of my dear mother in law and me  ( a long time ago) I loved her so much. I was very lucky to have her in my life.

 A vintage picture of my grandmother that helped us kids be safe when things were rough.

This a picture of me pregnant and my mom... Oh boy not very flattering BUT I was so excited to be a mom!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I am again lucky...

To have one of Flora's wonderful creations! I received Witch Imp and Whiskers today and I can't tell you how really wonderful they are. These pictures don't do her justice... Now my little snowman has a friend.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Thank you Julie for giving me this award..

Today is Wednesday wasting...
Wasted today going to the Dr. and having cortisone shots in both hips... how long does a person have to sit in a cold room with nothing to read??? Then wasted the day going over blogs and challenges (that I'm way behind on)... 
But then I see that Julie from has awarded me an award! Thank you Julie... you should go over and see her beautiful dolls. I'm always so amazed when I see that I have an award from someone.

I am doing another traveling doll adventure... this one is (free) at 
We are sending our dolls out on an adventure not to be altered but to be photographed in other parts of country and even the world. They will stay with their hosts and go places and journal on what they've seen. Sounds like fun!
I might put up the derelict rabbit or Lucy (who needs a vacation badly)...

Good night all