Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ok hang on to your seats.....

I saw my "real" Dr. today and as I anxiously waited for her to confirm what the Nurse Practitioner had said "You'll need double hip replacements. I can't believe your walking around." My Dr. sat down next to me and said "What????" "She said what?" 

Long story short (or shorter) The Nurse Practitioner had jumped the gun, and had me in the loop with an Orthopedic Dr. (surgeon, one I didn't even pick) NP without a doubt said I needed this procedure~

So for the past 2 and a half weeks....
I've been telling people, like you all. Family and Friends that I was having the double hip thing.
I was preparing myself, looking into which surgeon was the best. Whether I should go to Seattle, or stay here. My son was upset. My husband elicited help from some of the nurses he knows....


Of course I'm relieved, but also when you've prepared yourself for what someone has told you was going to happen and then .... no it's not going to happen.... I guess I felt blown away today hence the long post.

What I has is a serious case of Bursitis.... So it's icing, less walking or exercising. Heavy anti-inflammatory and walk with a cane if needed... then we'll see if it's been in a couple of weeks. If not then cortisone shots.

Raise a glass of wine or Champagne and say with me "Hip hip horary" (no pun intended : )


Sue said...

Pattee, that is wonderful news! Any treatment that does not involve surgery is
cause to celebrate. Hopefully this will stave off the hip replacements

Sarah said...

Whoooo hooo - that's wonderful news!! Now take care of you!!!!
Hugs, Sarah

Zoya said...

Congrats on that!!!
That is really great news, joint replacement surgery is not fun so that is wonderful.


3rdEyeMuse said...

hip hip hooray!!

*clinking of glasses*