Thursday, February 26, 2009

Freak Snow Storm Yesterday

Yesterday and today we've had snow! Fun but not for the new spring growth.

I'm floundering a bit with what I want to do now. What type of doll or painting or creating do I want to do. Have you ever just went from one thing only to put it down and pick something only to put that down and well you know... Seems to be what I'm doing. I have 3 tables in my "studio" room.  I have 3 spaces I can't sit and stare. 

Anyway here's a picture of the snow!


pixiesinthehouse said...

Oh my...I know the feeling TOO well. I think it must be the change of season...or lack of! I am in the same kinda rut. So many ideas going through my mind but can't seem to be able to focus on just one. Good luck!

ODD imagination said...

Where I live we don't get much of the white stuff. Hurry up and get your Etsy shop running (grin). It's so easy. Here's a couple of groups you should join once you are there too.

DAM team: Dolls and Miniatures
ADO team: Art Dolls Only - these girls are really awesome!

Zoya said...

been there done that.. alot latley. Found out that scents are making me more creative and better able to focus. No science behind it, just using my favorite perfume has helped. Weird huh.


Lori Anderson Designs said...

We MIGHT have snow, a hint of snow, nothing that will cover, but it will probably just be rain. I want snow. Lots and lots.

I need to move to Maine.

Mealy Monster Land said...

I so know that feeling of, well, what should I call it... I don't know, but I so know that feeling, all these ideas or projects and not knowing what to do or if you even want to. lol
I think a little spring will give you some inspiration. :) Nicole

Marylinn Kelly said...

Just found you and your odd dolls, a happy discovery. A once-upon-a-time dollmaker, I've just started to make toys based on images from my stamp line. I think I've seen the green goblins that follow us everywhere and know the state, that I refer to as "dithering" when everything seems to call at once. Look forward to your Etsy site.

3rdEyeMuse said...

I'll try to send some warm sunshine your way. :)

Pattee said...

Thank you so much... I need sunshine!