Monday, January 5, 2009

I have found an orphan with all his teddies

I made this guy just on a whim ~ he was going to be a fat little miss muffet.... but dolls seem to have their own minds. That is when you let them.
I've been in the creating mood which is a very good thing!


Sue said...

Oh, this is just too cute!

Love the expression and his
costume is wonderful!

Did you do the teddy bears

Frank and Sue said...

Oh I love this little one. You are so right about how dolls have minds of their own. I have been asked if I have patterns for mine...heckers no. Mine grow and develop on their own. I dream of one type but it always changes to something else...just like a human child.

Pattee said...

Yes I dod needle felted them all (9)

Melanie said...

oh WOW! this is such a cute piece,love it

Lotti said...

Hi Pattee!

Thanks for your visit and for your lovely comment.

What a wonderful work. I like this little guy.